I’m happy!

Pascale Wowak photography
Pascale Wowak photography

I turn my computer on and see these pictures… I scroll down wanting to see more and more and more of this BEAUTIFUL photographies!!! What can be better than knowing something you made is the best companion of a sweet little girl like this?! Or seeing these amazing pictures with the most vibrant beautiful colors?…
I’m passionate about photography! I love pictures of my little / big ;)  daughter, specially if they are taken by my two favourite photographers, Catarina and Gonçalo ;) I think – I know – I have another favourite photographer on my restrict group ;)
Pascale takes beautiful, intense and full of live pictures and she’s a lovely person!
What can I say…
{LOVED this photos}
Follow Pascale Wowak work on her photoblog and here.
The cute dress is from Lillipops, an vintage inspired, eco friendly children’s clothing label.
And, of course ;) Ellie’s softie friend is Alfafa aka Alfie!