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All Abroad Baby site
All Abroad Baby site

The lovely lady from All Abroad Baby made this profile story of PinkNounou – I’m so happy! :) I absolutely loved it!!!! 

“Mummy, I have to bring my favourite book to school to show everyone, can I bring one of your Softies&Tales?” asked designer Ana’s daughter. They’d just returned from a bike ride on the Park das Naçoes in Lisbon and were watering the many indoor plants that filled their ground-floor apartment. For a three-year-old, it was great having a mum whose most beloved work was to make the characters from children’s classic tales out of fabric and complement them with an illustrated handmade fabric book. Mozambique-born Ana, who lives in Europe’s westernmost country, Portugal, felt honoured that her daughter wanted to take one of her creations to pre-school. “Of course you can take Softies&Tales, but isn’t Little Red Riding Hood your favourite?” she asked her daughter. “Not now, Softies&Tales are better because you can play with the characters. Mummy, everyone will love it!” Hoping that her daughter would soon tire after their bike ride, Ana promised her that while she slept she would find all the Softies&Tales she had made for her. A hush soon fell over the apartment and Ana checked her new orders that had come in overnight. A mum in Australia wanted a Snow White softie and a Home Sweet Home pillow, while a mum-to-be in the USA had ordered a few of her story bibs. She was also hoping to find time that week to make a fabric book as a present for a friend’s little boy. Not wanting to break the promise she had made her daughter, Ana went to the beautiful antique wooden trunk her great-grandmother had given her grandmother as a wedding present. Ana’s parents were both talented crafters, so she had grown up observing her father turn raw pieces of wood into elegant tables, bookcases and shelves and her mother hand-embroidering Portuguese lace into stunning vintage-style pieces of clothing. Her grandmother’s trunk was where she kept treasured family keepsakes and her most-cherished designs. Reaching into the trunk, Ana sorted through the old books and toys she’d created over the years. One in particular made her stop and reminisce. It was Ernesto the dog, the first creation she had made two years ago that gave her the courage to leave her graphic design job and start and follow her passion to create unique pieces for children with her hands. “Mummy, did you find the Softies&Tales?” Ana heard her daughter ask. “You’re awake. Come here, my beautiful girl,” she replied, giving her daughter a cuddle and sweeping her curly mocha hair from her eyes. “Let’s find them together…”
story by All Abroad Baby

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Photos by Catarina Zimbarra and PinkNounou