Softies&Tales sets featured on All Abroad Baby

All Abroad Baby post
All Abroad Baby post

I was thrilled to see my Softies&Tales sets featured on this lovely blog All Abroad Baby
What a wonderful write up!!!

In Lisbon Ana Carriço works away creating her Softies&Tales for her label Pink Nounou. The Mozambique-born, Portugal-based graphic designer and mum sells her designs on Etsy and via her blog. Her creations are based on children’s fairytales and include many delightful pieces, such as bibs, soft toys, children’s costumes, diaper mats, pyjama bags, baby blankets and printed pillows. Her most beloved work, however, is her Softies&Tales – handmade fabric sets of the characters from classic children’s stories, along with a small fabric book of the story.
I stood in sheer wonder of Ana’s Softies&Tales this week when a set of the Three Little Pigs arrived for my nearly two-year-old son. As I took each little pig out of the handmade drawstring bag, my eyes were immediately drawn to the dapper striped overalls each one was dressed in (all different, mind you). I reached further into the bag and out came the big bad wolf (also wearing his own unique pair of rabbit-print overalls), followed by the little pigs’ house. At this moment my little man caught a glimpse and his eyes widened with delight, so (being a Christmas present!) I quickly packed them back into their bag and stashed it away.
Besides how beautiful the set was to look at, I could see how well Ana’sSofties&Tales would engage children in the story. Young children are such visual learners, therefore enacting the story using soft toys of the actual characters would benefit their engagement in the reading process.
Ana’s collection of Softies&Tales also includes Snow White and The Seven Dwarves, Little Red Riding Hood (both pictured above), The Princess and the Pea and Alice in Wonderland. The handmade fabric book that each of the sets come with is available in English or Portuguese. I can’t wait to huff and puff and blow the pigs’ house down with my little man on Christmas Day!”
by All Abroad Baby

thank you Rachael :)


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