I like… cross stitch

cross stitch mural by Eline Pellinkhof
cross stitch by chezsucrechez
crossstitch by red gate stitchery
by herbario do colibri
cross stitch by slip cover your life

I found ;) cross stitch can be so much fun and original! Some persons out there turned a very traditional way of embroidery into fantastic art pieces, design pieces – also using some unique motifs. Besides being an addict on hand embroider I think one of the thing’s that really catched my attention into cross stitch was when I discovered the work of Eline Pellinkhof – she’s a designer and she made the most beautiful and original large scale cross stitch inspired, a mural on her bedroom (you can see the images on her interview at Bloesem blog).

And about the work of Kimberly Scola (her blog chez sucre chez)

Also in love by these wood pendants made by Susan Fitzgerald (from the red gate stitchery blog). Great christmas present, right? ;)

The creative lady behind herbário do colibri blog also recovers old furniture and made this beautiful little bench.

And last but not least how adorable are these woodland creatures from Erin Stanton (slip cover your life blog) – and the mini moustaches??

Images from: Eline Pellinkhofchez sucre chezred gate stitcheryherbário do colibrislip cover your life


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