Do you know my baby bibs with tales?

Yes, I have a collection of bibs designed by me* available in my shop! They are fun and the good news is that they can help you while you are feeding your baby or toddler – how? They have a tale written on the front of the bib. You have a little help remembering the story and your baby is happy and so distracted with the tale that quickly eats everything ;)
The bibs are available with the tales written in english or portuguese. The “Three little pigs and the Big Bad Wolf” tale bib fits babies and toddlers. Another good thing is that they are made with an impermeable terry cloth fabric on the back – so no mess goes to their clothes.

Other tales are also available
. Little Red Riding Hood (boy or girl)
. Snow White and the Seven dwarfs (boy or girl)
The Princess and the Pea

Just choose!

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