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Definition of play: engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose; engage in (a game or activity) for enjoyment; amuse oneself by engaging in imaginative pretence;

Since I make toys – and I’m a mother of a little one – I begin to grow more and more curious about playing. How children these days play, how parents interact and play with them, how can we play in a fun way with them, how playing can help children’s development…

For this interview I have the pleasure to introduce you to Jade and her family.

Please tell us a bit about you and your family.
My name is Jade, I am 28 years old and have been married to my husband for 6 years. We have a daughter Eva who is turning 2 in July. It is because of our daughter we have made huge changes in our life to start up businesses of our own so that we can be a close family and spend lots of time together.

Best playground.
The best playground we take our daughter to is called St Kilda Playground. It is close to where we live and has great play equipment. A large pirate ship, maze, flying fox, big slides and swings. As she is still little they have a section of the park with equipment suited for younger kids her age also, but this playground is fun for the whole family to enjoy.

In a free day what is your family favorite activity?
We love to get out of the house on the weekends. We enjoy going on long drives, whether it be into town for some retail therapy and a nice lunch out, or visit family and friends.

How do you play with your kids? With what kind of toys?
Due to Eva’s age, play is all about learning and experimenting. Her favourite activities to do is drawing, with chalk or crayons. She has also been doing a lot of role playing, such as making us food, or cups of tea in her kitchen. She enjoys when we help her play with Lego and building blocks as well.


What is your favorite toy? And from your children?
My favourite toys are her dolls and soft toys, because I buy them for her, but I love the way she plays with them. They get pushed around in a stroller, she brushes their hair, changes nappy, feeds them and puts them to bed. We can never leave the house without a baby and bag in hand.

When you were a child what did you play and with what toys? What was your favorite one?
My treasured memories when I was a child playing was with my dollies. I didn’t have far as many as Eva. Just one baby doll, one treasured plush toy and a lot of imagination. I also enjoyed riding my bike outside and playing with barbie dolls.

What kind of crafts/DIY projects do you like to do with your kids?
As Eva is still quite young to handle any craft projects we have introduced her to the basics. Playing with Play Doh and drawing with different mediums, such as chalk, water colours, crayons and pen.

Your children prefer playing or watching tv? What they see in television influences how they play?
Eva’s attention span for the TV is limited. She loves to sing and dance so interactive children’s programs are her favourite. She spends most of the day playing with the TV turned off but we will put a movie on for her to watch when she needs some relax time.

What is your children’s favorite book? And yours (from his collection)?
My daughters favourite books are those that rhyme and now she is starting to join in and repeat the words too. She likes simple, short dialogue books that are fun to read and great illustrations help too.


Your kids prefer playing indoors or outdoors?
If she had her choice she would prefer to play outdoors. She loves to explore the garden, play with our dog and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty.

Does your kids like to create their own activities / games / characters?
She always starts her own games, usually cooking, pretend eating or playing mummy.

Sounds and music are important in your child playing?
She loves music and rhythm and is at the age where she is trying to talk, so she always repeats what we say. So I think for the age that she is at now that it is important as it is all part of her learning.

Thank’s so much Jade for this lovely interview!
Jade is the owner of SoFofo – a distribuitor in Australia of unique products & brands from all over the world. 


I would really like to know how your kids play? What’s their favorite toy, the one they cuddle at night? 
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