{ All About Playing } interview with Joke Feddema



Definition of play: engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose; engage in (a game or activity) for enjoyment; amuse oneself by engaging in imaginative pretence;

Since I make toys – and I’m a mother of a little one – I begin to grow more and more curious about playing. How children these days play, how parents interact and play with them, how can we play in a fun way with them, how playing can help children’s development…

For this interview I have the pleasure to introduce you to Joke and her family.

Please tell us a bit about you and your family.
Hello, my name is Joke Feddema, I live in the Netherlands with my husband Simon and two sons Dries (9) and Jules (6) and a huge amount of cuddly toys since I’m the owner of Knuffels à la carte, an online cuddly shop.

Best playground.
We love Jeugdland where you can build wooden cabins all by yourself.

In a free day what is your family favorite activity?
Wake up slowly and have a family trip. We live near the nature reserve Oostvaarders Plassen so that’s a favorite trip, but we also like to visit museums (with activities for kids), castles, playgrounds and zoo’s.



How do you play with your sons? With what kind of toys?
My both sons have an enormous collection of plush animals, they all have names and characters. We love to play with them. We also like to create things together from wood, paper and card board. Lately we also make animated video’s with lego figures.

What is your favorite toy? And from your children?
My favorite toy is bunny doll from EE Ching, I bought her on Etsy. My oldest son has a favorite toy otter named Ot and my youngest has a baby pinguin named Lollie.

When you were a child what did you play and with what toys? What was your favorite one?
Barbies, barbies and barbies for hours and hours. I didn’t had a favorite one.

What kind of crafts/DIY projects do you like to do with your kids?
We love to draw and make all kind of things from paper, cardboard and wood.

Your children prefer playing or watching tv? What they see in television influences how they play?
My kids sometimes draw the cartoon characters they see on television.

What is your kids favorite book? And yours (from their collection)?
Little bear and Donald Duck. I like Astrid Lindgren books.

Please ask your sons “If you could choose to be a storybook character what would you be”? Why?
Donald Duck.

Do you know how does your children play at school?
Yes, playing outside is their favorite way of playing.

Your kids prefer playing indoors or outdoors?
They like it both. They like to play indoors, but now spring has arrived they’re playing outdoors.


Does your sons like to create their own activities / games / characters?
Yes they do, they have a lot of fantasy and they can play for hours with their plush animals, lego, pencils, plastic figurines.

Sounds and music are important in your children playing?
My oldest son loves to play with his voice recording. My youngest son loves Metallica.

Lovely family! – Thank you so much Joke for letting us see a little of your joyful world! 
Joke has a wonderful shop called  Knuffels à la carte – filled with gorgeous and unique soft toys.


I would really like to know how your kids play? What’s their favorite toy, the one they cuddle at night?
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