Why so many drawings and watercolors?

sketch by PinkNounou 2

I was thinking about this the other day and I think this is related with my last year – I dealt with some health issues things are still not back to normal, but it was a strange year where I had to stop working for some periods but my head was very busy filled with ideas and things I wanted to do.
So I think I shifted things a bit… I needed something more hands on but not so time consuming and exhausting as doing my fabric dolls and pillows – which I love but really was not physically possible at some points.
Drawing and painting was a more simple and peaceful way of putting my ideas into something rather than in my head.
This is something that calms me, keeps me focused – because you know when you are preparing blog posts or sharing things on social media is very, very easy to lost your self in all that.

So, I love to give shape and volume and a purpose to the things I do, I love to think that a doll or pillow or whatever it is it’s going to be played, loved, hugged, someone is going to enter a room and is going to smile by the sight of a cute pillow in a bed… All of this makes me SMILE, big big smiles of happiness!
But now I’m also loving the freedom of simple drawings…

Do you draw? What are your feelings when you are doing it?…