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Handmade soft toys and cloth dolls from PinkNounou

Mushroom is ready for Autumn!

This cute Mushroom girl loves to play and it’s a great companion at mealtime :) She’s very happy that’s Autumn – she loves all the changes in nature, the colors and the crunchy leaves… This cloth doll is available at…

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Apples anyone? ;)

This cutie is at my shop and she has also other friends you may like :) like this one. ******* Esta doce Maçã está a morar na minha loja e tem outras amigas que também poderão gostar :)

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pink or yellow?

And there are more options you can choose from this cute kittens – light blue + green + pink + yellow. All available at my shop and my Etsy shop. This year with this Covid-19 situation shipping is delayed so…

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