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a PinkNounou no Ninho do Mocho

Estamos na Feira do Mocho – não presencialmente claro, mas na montra online que foi criada para divulgar o trabalho dos muitos criadores, ilustradores, designers, artesãos… que como eu, nesta altura apenas contam com a presença online para divulgar as suas marcas.…

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Strawberry DIY

The very creative Arielle from Art Camp did this project in a collaboration with the shop Rose & Rex and my Strawberry doll was there help out :) – being the theme strawberries as you may guess she’s very savvy…

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my kittens are on the Dawanda Lovebook

So happy and proud to have my kittens chosen to be part of the Winter Dawanda Lovebook of this year! I’ve also discovered so many amazing brands and products… Like this clutch, this lamp, this backpack, this set of mugs or this…

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