dress your walls

You can do a lot with your walls – paint them, use stencils to create patterns, hang several frames with pictures or paintings, wall stickers,… and also one my favorite ways of “dressing” a wall is using wallpaper. I prefer using it in only one or two walls of a room – I done that in my living room, one of the walls where I have a table has a red paper and also in my bedroom with a white textured wallpaper, it works for me ;)
Love the peacefull illustrattions of Famille Summerbelle wallpapers! In LOVE by the gorgeous bold and graphic designs I found at belgium Funkywalls.  And these sweet owls from Mini Empire designed by Jenny von Döbeln?
But I’m really thrilled with what I found in mt casa – they have a new range of XL tape specifically designed for home decoration, it’s available in 5 cm, 10 cm or 20 cm widths. It’ seems you can stick it to walls, cabinetry, floors and glass and?… Use your imagination!

images from: Famille Summerbelle, FunkywallsMini Empire, Paper boy wallpaper and mt casa