How to make clothes organizer bags


My daughter went to a school summer camp – she was super excited with it and she started asking me to make her bags about three months ahead ;) You can imagine by this how happy she was with this trip ;)
At school they asked parents to prepare the clothes and separete them by days (she’s 6, almost 7…) – one bag per day with the corresponding clothes.
So I decided to make five fabric bags, each one with her name and the day of the week.

Here’s how I did it and you can also make it for your little ones:
Cut five rectangles of thin white fabric (measuring about 21×52 cm – this can be adjusted according your kids age)
+ fold them in half (right sides inside) – now you have five 21×26 cm rectangles
+ sew both sides (the ones measuring 26 cm)
+ turn inside out
+ fold the tops twice – to make the seam – and in the middle pin on each side two ribbons (about 12 cm each) – pin them inside the two folds
+ sew the tops
+ design a little tag to identify the name and the day of the week – you can let your kids make their own designs and just scan them and then add the name and day
+ print the five designs in fabric transfer paper – you can find it here or here – follow the instructions but many have to be printed in mirror effect
+ iron the bags
+ cut the five tags and place them in each bag – iron according the instructions of your transfer paper
= Now you have 5 personalised bags that can be used several times (you can wash them)

Enjoy :)