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Definition of play: engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose; engage in (a game or activity) for enjoyment; amuse oneself by engaging in imaginative pretence;

Since I make toys – and I’m a mother of a little one – I begin to grow more and more curious about playing. How children these days play, how parents interact and play with them, how can we play in a fun way with them, how playing can help children’s development…

For this interview I have the pleasure to introduce you to Alinda and her family.

Please tell us a bit about you and your family.
My name is Alinda (39) together with Rik we have two lovely girls named Hannah (3) and Veerle (1).
We live a happy life in our appartment in Lelystad, The Netherlands.

I have a webshop and blog called Little loved ones. In the shop you find a range of cute softoys and cushions for kids to cuddle and play with. But also to decorate your home, nursery or kids room.
I blog about trends and brands I find inspiring and make me feel good.

Best playground.
One with a swing in it. Both girls can sit on the swing for hours, till momma is tired of pushing :-)
Indoors they like their rocking horse.



In a free day what is your family favorite activity?
After a big breakfast together, take the girls for a bike ride or walk and watch some boats. We live in a harbour.



How do you play with your kids? With what kind of toys?
We like to build towers from wooden blocks and then throw it on the ground. We play with dolls and lots of cuddles, but also with duplo and make puzzles.
They like to cook and make me a cup of tea and bake a cake in their small kitchen.



What is your favorite toy? And from your children?
I really like Lucy Owl from Hazel Village and all the creatures from Finkelstein’s centre.
Hannah has a blue rabbit named Máme, and Veerle a pink piglet named Knorretje.

When you were a child what did you play and with what toys? What was your favorite one?
I played with lots of dolls. But my big Monchichi doll was my favorite. It’s now still in Hannah’s room.
But I also loved to built a treehouse. I hope the girls will like that also when they are a bit older.

What kind of crafts/DIY projects do you like to do with your kids?
Hannah loves to draw and paint. We do that almost everyday. Veerle also starts to play with Hannah’s pencils.
Give Hannah some paper, glue and scissors and you won’t hear her for a while.


Your children prefer playing or watching tv? What they see in television influences how they play?
They watch some television, I prefer programs they can learn from.  Hannah sometimes pretend to be “Emma” from Casper and Emma, a tv-program for toddlers from Norway.

What is your kids favorite book? And yours (from their collection)?
Hannah loves Jip & Janneke and Bobbi bear. She likes to read. She listens very carefully when we read, and memorize the words.
Veerle is not into books yet. She likes to play around :-)
My favorite children’s book is “Pinkeltje” from Dick Laan.

Your kids prefer playing indoors or outdoors?
Both, but I try to go outdoors every day. They adore playing in grandma and grandpa’s garden, they have a swing and a sandbox. Or just pick flowers.



Sounds and music are important in your child playing?
Yes, music is important. Rik plays guitar and listens to music a lot. Hannah also has a little guitar and xylophone, she likes music. But it’s more listening than playing.

Such a cute family! – Thank you so much Alinda for sharing with us a little of your world! 
Alinda has a beautiful webshop called Little loved ones filled with gorgeous soft toys, cushions and other kids delights. You can also follow her here and here on Instagram.


I would really like to know how your kids play? What’s their favorite toy, the one they cuddle at night?
Please leave a comment below.