Some things I liked…


* Some things I really liked this week *
This week I’m sharing a few beautiful things that don’t seem related but they are –  all these were made by talented ladies working here in Portugal, that I have the pleasure to know!

Embroidery is a such a delicate work, a work of incontless hours, doing little detailed stiches… I love these embroidered hoops made by Herbário do Colibri – they are poetic and beautiful! Also a big fan of the ones with photos, like this one.


I meet Estúdio Bulhufas in a market and was imediatly in love by her wonderful notebooks, booklets and jornals – they are super well made, with embossed details, gorgeous colors, graphic illustrations… – a really handmade (with love) work. And you can always learn to make one at her workshops.


Another work I got to know at a market (one of the good things of participating in them) is Círculo Ceramics – her work is simple, clean, very organic and all seems to fit so well in any house.