How to make pompom fruits


Anyone that knows me a little is sure to know about this obsession I have about pom-poms. I love them! Wool, fabric or made with paper… In all colors and shapes. I’m always trying to incorporate them in my designs, my products or when decorating my daughters room.
A few years ago I bought a couple of pom-pom makers and I must say they have been used a lot! And now through this site I love – Mr Printables – I discovered that you can make letters, animals and these wonderful fruits.
Follow the easy tutorial here – loving the strawberries!

photos & diy from Mr Printables




  1. Espectáculo Ana não pensei que era possível fazer isto! Grande ideia. Bjs

    • Fica giríssimo – e é fantástica a diversidade de formas que se podem fazer! Vamos experimentar? ;)

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