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Definition of play: engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose; engage in (a game or activity) for enjoyment; amuse oneself by engaging in imaginative pretence;

Since I make toys – and I’m a mother of a little one – I begin to grow more and more curious about playing. How children these days play, how parents interact and play with them, how can we play in a fun way with them, how playing can help children’s development…

For this interview I have the pleasure to introduce you to Marie-Laure and her family.

Please tell us a bit about you and your family.
Hello I am Marie-Laure from La maison de Loulou. I was an Architect at first and now I am a crafter for babies and kids. I am crafting everyday for my kids. I am living in Brooklyn, New York with my daughter Louise (6) and son Roman (1).

Best playground.

In a free day what is your family favorite activity?
Maybe going to see a movie, with popcorn & candy during Winter and be outside with bikes all day during Spring-Summer.

How do you play with your kids? With what kind of toys?
They are playing by themselves most of the time. Louise is all about playing “Family” or “school” but beside that she is pretty independent. Roman is touching & playing with everything: from a hair brush to the wood blocks.

What is your favorite toy? And from your children’s?
My favorite toy is the muppets I made out of wood spoons; I am sentimental about them; For Louise it will be the emotional magnets I’ve made for her. They are on the fridge and she can express herself when she want; Oh and also the Donut Yoyo! For Roman I would say the wood bowling set I am working on right now for him.


When you were a child what did you play and with what toys? What was your favorite one?
Oh I don’t remember I am too old! I do remember playing with my brother with cars and organize some serious Hotwheel races.

What kind of crafts/DIY projects do you like to do with your kids?
I like doing Fun crafts mostly with paper or cardboard, easy quick to realize. I am doing what I would like to play with and for most of the time the kids part are existed, concerning me I am 6 everyday!


Your children prefer playing or watching tv? What they see in television influences how they play?
They love TV! It is off during the week, so they have to play, no choice! And It is on during the WE.

What is your children’s favorite book? And yours (from their collection)?
Louise is all about Science and Volcano so she is In to it. Roman is too small.

Please ask your kids “If you could choose to be a storybook character what would you be”? Why?
Charlotte in Charlotte’s web. Because she is kind and nice with her friends.

Do you know how does your children play at school?
Yes I do! Choice time is what my daughter is waiting for. It is not everyday so when she can pick her station she is ON: she love cubes, story and craft.

Your kids prefer playing indoors or outdoors?

Does your kids like to create their own activities / games / characters?
Yes they do; I did a garland for Christmas and Louise recreate it at school by herself during her choice time for me. I was so proud of her.

Sounds and music are important in your child playing?
Yes I am a huge Music fan; I have my fav like Bob Marley, Pharrell Williams, Morrisey , Radiohead, or Serge Gainsbourg etc…

Sweet! – Thank you so much Marie-Laure for telling us a bit about your lovely family! 
Marie-Laure loves crafting and you can see that love in the fun and unique projects & activities for kids, she shares at her blog La Maison de Loulou.

First photo by Melissa Moran Photography


I would really like to know how your kids play? What’s their favorite toy, the one they cuddle at night?
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